We are Manufacturers & Exporters of fine Quality Surgical & Dental Instruments. Manufacturing Experience of Over 40 years.
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Company introduction

Serving humanity more than 17 years in this field of surgery hospital, nurses & operating rooms. Our father was the pioneer who laid down the founding tone of the manufacturing of surgical / Dental instruments in Pakistan since 1960. This is our family business and we are the 2nd generation in this field. Successful certifications of ISO 9001:2000 CE Mark, reflect Pak Lajpall surgical corporation. Skills and continuous commitment to the excellence.

History / Experience

Pak Lajpall surgical corporation was established in 1990 but manufacturing experience over 40 years, the company has, since the start, developed a stable and steady growth. The company success though, is due to the support of health authorities which have recognized our compromised to quality and punctuality.


Our quality is a result of expedient interaction of man and machine, method and precise craftsmanship. We do not sacrifice quality at the cost of business.


To having kept abreast of modern technology, we are able to offer even greater accuracy in producing instruments.


Our instruments are manufactured to perform at their functional best at all times. By using the highest specification of stainless steel for instruments our products will maintain their functionality.Our company Policy

Pak Lajpall surgical corporation. Shall not compromise on quality of the products. We shall achieve quality excellence by using quality assurance programs and techniques. Prompt and dedicated services shall be ensured to customers and efficiently to the best of our ability.


To achieve the heights and peaks of everlasting success. We are providing our valued customers the quality products. Timely service and related technical service thru product development, innovation and acquisition of technology. The contentment of our customers as well as our employees is a major part of our mission.


Professionalism, Ethics and Integrity
Customers' Satisfaction, Recognition of Ability and Creativity   
Development of Individual and respect of Human Dignity 
Commitment / Dedication and Team Work  
Believe on Management by Objective

Our Commitment

Our commitment to quality, based on our continuous monitoring at every stage of the manufacturing process has placed us at par with international standards, while maintaining very competitive prices.

Quality management

Pak Lajpall manufacturing, process emphases quality above all else. Our employees are requested a ten to fifteen-years technical and practical experience in order to achieve, international standards. The proper stainless steel, stamping and forged materials used are meticulously selected and go through highly effective quality control.

Knowledge sharing

Our philosophy is to share our knowledge and experience with our customers and give them all the professional assistance they might need.


We are convinced that a highly qualified staff brings trust in our company. We are tight team, consisting of people, who with their education and experience contribute to our company strength.


Our friendly and well trained support staff is happy to assist you in any way even if you are looking for something not in our range of products, we will do our best to help you.

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Company introduction
History / Experience
Our company policy
Our Commitment
Quality management
Knowledge sharing